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Mount Fuji

High hills hugged the peninsula coast, untouched islands dotted the horizon, and, in the gray-pink haze of an early-evening sky, Mount Fuji floated majestically between them.


Some interesting facts on Mount Fuji:

  • At 3,776 metres or 12,380 feet, it is the highest mountain in Japan.

  • The steep climb, following four different trails, usually takes 8 to 12 hours to ascend and another 4 to 6 hours to descend.

  • There is only a short window to climb Mount Fuji. It starts at the beginning of July and runs until the last week in August.

  • The volcano is also where the Samurais trained. More recently, military camps from both Japan and the USA have operated from Mt. Fuji.

  • The volcanic mountain is three separate volcanoes, one on top of the other and it is still active.

  • After the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, and due to the rising temperature below the volcano, scientists changed the volcanic eruption classification from low-risk to high potential.

  • Due to geothermal activity, Mount Fuji is surrounded by hot springs.

  • Fuji is considered sacred. The native Ainu and Shintoists revere the great peak, the Fujiko sect believes the mountain is a being with a soul, and Japanese Buddhists believe the mountain is the gateway to the next world.

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