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My name is Miki, but once, for a short time, it was something else...

On September 6, 2017, I discovered the Elizabeth Saunders Home Reunion facebook page and joined the group of Miki Sawada's children. 

I was born in Yokohama to an unknown and yet to be discovered situation in 1962.  I was given the name Miki by my Ojichan (grandfather) who named me after Miki Sawada.  In writing the kanji (characters) of the first name, the literal translation is understood to mean beautiful spirit.  As a child, whenever I asked about my name I had always been told that my first name was shared with a special women who had a beautiful spirit. 

When I was one or two years old I was adopted by a Nisei/ Kibei Nisei couple and returned to live in Los Angeles.  I do not remember any details of the situation, however, even now will sometimes experience moments of quandary.  Throughout these many years there have been moments when a name or a situation would present itself and cause me to pause and wonder..."why does that seem familiar?"  Well, the name Elizabeth Saunders is familiar and led me to the page. 

My heartfelt wish for all of Miki Sawada's children is that they find the answers they are seeking through this journey upon which we are all traveling together.

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